Goli® Energy Bites – 30 Count – salted caramel chocolate flavor

$ 2,500.00

“Did you know guarana extract has been used as traditional remedy for congitive function?”
“What better way to get in your B Vitamins in than in delicious, chocolatey bites?!”
“Goli® Energy Bites are made with a a blend of vitamins, caffeine, and guarana extract. Your daily wellness routine
just got a whole lot tastier!”
“Get all the goodness of vitamin B12, including immune system support with Goli® Energy Bites.”
“Let’s talk about Goli® Energy Bites. Packed with essential Vitamins B9 and B12 to help you convert the food you eat
into cellular energy!” 

Availability:Available on backorder

$ 2,500.00

Availability:Available on backorder

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  • Stay energized*, deliciously. Sweeten your life with Goli Energy Bites! Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the chewy texture and chocolatey flavor with no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavors. Getting your B-vitamins just got a little sweeter with Goli Energy Bites.
  • Ingredients You Can Pronounce. Benefits You Can Enjoy.  Goli Energy Bites are made with caffeine, guarana extract, vitamins B6, B9, & B12 to help Support Cellular Energy Production, Support a Healthy Heart, Provide Essential Nutrients, Support a Healthy Nervous System, Support a Healthy Immune System and so much more.
  • Daily Routine Made Sweeter.  Treat yourself right, with a bite! Goli Energy Bites were carefully formulated with a salted caramel chocolate flavor that perfectly complements all of the amazing ingredients. These delicious bites are made with Caffeine, Guarana Extract, and Vitamins B6, B9, & B12.
  • Vegetarian, Gluten-free & No added preservatives: Each bottle of Goli Energy Bites contains 30 delicious vegetarian & gluten-free salted caramel chocolate flavored bites that are free from added preservatives. 
  • Vitamin Angels: Goli Nutrition is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels
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