Set up Knutsford, Zip Mail, Bearer (Delivery Options)

store shippping

Click on Settings, then Shipping

Click Enable Shipping

store shipping 2

Under Processing Time : You can leave this as default or change it if you have products that take time to customise or make.

shipping zone

Under Shipping Type select ” Shipping by Zone


Click on Shipping Options then click “Add Shipping Method

seldt shipping method

Click “Select a Method” then you can select “Flat Rate

flat rate 2

Click Add Shipping Method

Then Click “Edit” under Flat Rate to Change the Name

flat rate
knutsford Shipping 1

Edit the Method Title, Cost and Description to match your Desired Shipping Method

set up shippiing

For Example: To offer Knutsford Express we change the Method Title , Cost and Description as seen here.

Then we click “Save Method Settings” and we see the Flat Rate is now Knutsford Express

knuts ship
setting store hoours

Click on Settings, then Store Hours

If you want to enable Opening and Closing times for your store you can add them here. Start by Clicking “Enable Store Hours

You can Disable Purchase During Off Time– This means that customers will not be able to add your items to their cart if the store is closed.

If you are closed on particular days you can add these days under “Set Week OFF” so that customers will not be able to make purchases on those days.

store hours 1

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